Can A Retainer Fix Your Crooked Teeth

Retainers are a necessity for those who dream to have the perfect smile! Face is the mirror of our heart, we all love to smile and perfect smile is genuinely adorable to all. However, all of us are not so lucky to be blessed with the perfect teeth worth flaunting. I belong to the group of those people who don’t have the perfect teeth but really dream to have them. I am a bit self obsessed and want to look perfectly beautiful all the time. I often look at myself in the mirror and wish to have the perfect milky white teeth which could complement my facial beauty. Fortunately, a few years back I got to know about the use of retainer for teeth which could help me get the lovely smile that I had always dreamt of having.

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What is a retainer for teeth?

Retainer for teeth include a wide range of custom made devices which are generally suggested by oral and dental professionals used to enhance the beauty of teeth setting. These devices are usually made of clear plastic or wires which align the teeth straight together in position. These retainers are basically of two types

Removable Retainers – these can be taken out by us while brushing daily.

Non Removable Retainers – also known as bonded or fixed retainers. These cannot be taken out by us and we would need dentists or oral experts to take it out.

Nowadays, people mostly use removable retainers because regular cleaning is an issue with the non removable retainers.

Why did I choose retainer for teeth?

We all wish to flaunt that perfect smile which can steal hearts and retainers are such devices which can help our dream come true.

Well, I had an option to go for braces but I did not prefer that because it might make me look quite ugly and funny. I was afraid that with braces attached to my teeth, I might have to stop going to my college else stop smiling until my braces were removed.

So, I chose to go for removable retainer, which according to my orthodontist suited me the best.

I must say that it’s hassle free, easy to use and did not make me look ugly.

Therefore, I think removable retainers are a must for people who want to straighten their misaligned teeth, without wearing those ugly metal braces.

Children - Teens as Dental patients

Disadvantages of removable retainers.

Removable retainers are not as effective as the permanent ones and took quite a long time to give me that well set teeth which I wanted.

Not suitable for kids as they may start taking it off and lose it or keep playing with it and in due course of time might break it too.

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