Suspense Radio One on One Along with Mary Anna Evans

Mary-Anna-EvansFaye Longchamp-Mantooth, an archeologist, has dug a deep pit for herself, and she cannot really make her way out of this pit. She struggles to recover from the personal loss, and she is seeing everyone whom she loves trying to reach her. She is digging pits all over her home on the Florida island of Joyeuse. Joe Wolf Mantooth, in their old plantation home, is surrounded by her family. It includes Faye, his wife and their toddler son. Joe was desperate to help his wife and realizes she is in a trouble from her inner demons as well as someone who breached the isolation of the island.

Dr. Pete Sulack Helps Overcoming Deadline Stress

10178562-dr-pete-sulackToday, almost all families and individuals face one big stress factor, and it is nothing other than the fact that we do not build the necessary margins for failure. This is the statement of Dr. Pete Sulack, who is the author of the book Unhealthy Anonymous. In a podcast edition of the Leading Hearts Instant Writer, Amber Weigand Buckley and the leading stress expert in America, Dr. Pete Sulack discusses the practical ways to minimize the writing deadline stress with life as it is piled on the top. With this podcast, the leading stress expert has made his opinions on avoiding and minimizing stress very clear.