Dr. Pete Sulack Helps Overcoming Deadline Stress

10178562-dr-pete-sulackToday, almost all families and individuals face one big stress factor, and it is nothing other than the fact that we do not build the necessary margins for failure. This is the statement of Dr. Pete Sulack, who is the author of the book Unhealthy Anonymous. In a podcast edition of the Leading Hearts Instant Writer, Amber Weigand Buckley and the leading stress expert in America, Dr. Pete Sulack discusses the practical ways to minimize the writing deadline stress with life as it is piled on the top. With this podcast, the leading stress expert has made his opinions on avoiding and minimizing stress very clear.

Jim Britt: An Interview With The Co-Founder

21382bcJim Britt is a globally recognized leader in the peak performance as well as personal empowerment training fields. He is also the author of a slew of 13 bestselling books that include the following. His books include Cracking the Life Code, Crackling the Rich Code, Unleashing Your Authentic Power, Rings of Truth, Freedom, The Power Of Letting Go, The Law Of Realization, The Flaw In The Law Of Attraction, Do This. Get Rich for Entrepreneurs, etc. He has also presented seminars across the world sharing life enhancing realizations and success principles. He has also served as a success counselor to more than 300 corporations all over the world.

Listen To King Diamond, The Author of Da Ghetto Gospels II

mgid-uma-video-mtvKing Diamond, who is the author of Da Ghetto Gospels II is a man who has many talents and he is an author, a poet, and also a certified HVAC Technician, but the list does not end with these. His life journey was defined as per the saying that claims every rose as its thorns. He was lured by the temptations of street life in his book as he soon caught his prison sentence of 11 years. He has a diploma in the field of Electromechanical Technology, and when he was in the prison in 2000, he worked as a GED English and Literature.