Promote Your Business And Spread The Great News

promote-your-business-250x250The Prinzing Show’ss guest Holly Hallowell is a certified emotion code practitioner and also the goddess of the Anahata Codes. The latter corresponds to The Heart Chakra, and it is the Sanskrit word for the term ‘Unstuck’. As described by many people, this evolutionary leap can be quite difficult at times. They discuss how your body-life will be affected due to such transitions. You can connect with Holly of Earthling Energy Spa located in Westminster, Colorado to know more about the same. Both Marlene and Holly reside in the Boulder area of Colorado. Holly says that the earth is ascending into a different dimension.

Get An Understanding Of Formularies, Provider Networks, and Self-Funding

112957453The host of this radio show welcomes special guests from EndeavorPlus and Vericred to discuss the recent innovations around the benefit plan design, health insurance shopping experience, etc. The guests are the CEO of Vericred, Michael Levin and EVP of EndeavorPlus’ business development, Daniel Wells. The first guest discusses the health plans for the seniors, small groups, and under 65 individuals that have become homogenized due to the state and federal regulations. Following the same, the second guest discusses the advantages that are offered by the innovative plan that is designed for the businesses to understand the direct path of self-funding that will benefit them to a great extent.

Kevin James Brown Discusses Financial Future

kevin-jamesKevin James Brown discusses the future of saving in this show and the little increments of Gold Purchases that will be done on a regular basis. Karatbars is a firm that provides an affordable and attractive option for the consumers to purchase gold bullion that is 999.9 pure as well as the specialty lines of the gold collector, merchandising and gift cards. Karatbars provides the consumer to manage, control and own the personal Karatbars purchases. The main goal is to offer the vest in customer service for their clients and offer a chance for everyone across the world to own gold at a reasonable price point.